New Directions in Small-Vessel Vasculitis: ANCA, Target Organs, Treatment, and Beyond

Proceedings of a Symposium


Supplement Editor:
Carol Langford, MD, MHS

Associate Editors:
Leonard Calabrese, DO, and Gary Hoffman, MD


Diagnosis, ANCA testing, and disease activity

Clinical features and diagnosis of small-vessel vasculitis
Carol Langford, MD, MHS

Controversies in ANCA testing
Ulrich Specks, MD

Defining disease activity and damage in patients with small-vessel vasculitis
Peter A. Merkel, MD, MPH

Impact on individual organs

Upper airway manifestations of granulomatosis with polyangiitis
Daniel S. Alam, MD; Rahul Seth, MD; Raj Sindwani, MD; Erika A. Woodson, MD; and Karthik Rajasekaran, MD

Renal disease in small-vessel vasculitis
Kirsten de Groot, MD

Pulmonary disease in small-vessel vasculitis
Thomas R. Gildea, MD, MS

Ocular manifestations of small-vessel vasculitis
James A. Garrity, MD

Monitoring and safety

Monitoring patients with vasculitis
Alexandra Villa-Forte, MD, MPH

Safety issues in vasculitis: Infections and immunizations in the immunosuppressed host
Carlos M. Isada, MD, FCCP

Treatment considerations

Treating vasculitis with conventional immunosuppressive agents
David Jayne, MD, FRCP

Biologic agents in the treatment of granulomatosis with polyangiitis
Ulrich Specks, MD

Historical perspective

History of vasculitis: The life and work of Adolf Kussmaul
Eric L. Matteson, MD, MPH

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