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EMEUNET network of young rheumatologists keeps moving forward


As the largest network of young rheumatologists in the world, the Emerging EULAR Network (EMEUNET) is looking forward to this year’s European Congress of Rheumatology to continue to build on what it set out to do as part of its mission – to give young rheumatologists and researchers an active say in education and research.

The rationale for the birth of EMEUNET in 2009 was to provide a network where European young rheumatologists and researchers, no matter where they were based, could access mentoring programs, research funding, and education initiatives, Alessia Alunno, MD, PhD, chair-elect and EMEUNET steering committee member, said in an interview.

Dr. Alessia Alunno

Dr. Alessia Alunno

“This was the main rationale for the creation of EMEUNET, and it remains its main goal now,” said Dr. Alunno, assistant professor and rheumatology consultant in the rheumatology unit at the University of Perugia (Italy).

Since its creation, EMEUNET has already achieved its goal several times over, but there’s certainly no intention for the network to rest on its laurels. One of its major achievements has been to secure a voice in the EULAR Strategy for the next 5 years.

“We are now able to sit at the table with the other EULAR pillars so that the educational offering of EULAR is tailored to meet the needs of young rheumatologists and researchers across Europe,” Dr. Alunno said.

And if the success of an organization can be measured by its membership numbers, then it’s clear that EMEUNET is on the right track.

Each year, membership continues to grow, and at 1,909 members, the 2,000 member milestone is tantalizingly close. This makes EMEUNET the largest network of rheumatologists and researchers, which Dr. Alunno said made the steering committee proud because it is a sign that what EMEUNET offers to members is suitable for more and more people.


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