Evidence-Based Reviews

2019 Peer Reviewers

The Editors of Current Psychiatry acknowledge the help of the following clinical experts, in addition to members of our Editorial Board, who reviewed manuscripts in 2019. On behalf of our readers—the beneficiaries of these tireless efforts—we thank you.

If you would be interested in becoming a peer reviewer for Current Psychiatry, please send your CV to Senior Editor Sathya Achia Abraham at [email protected].


Aparna Atluru, MD
Stanford Medicine

Anjan Bhattacharyya, MD
Saint Louis University

Caroline Bonham, MD
The University of New Mexico

Catherine Crone, MD
Inova Health System

Sheila Dowd, PhD
Rush Medical College

Ahmed Z. Elmaadawi, MD
Indiana University School of Medicine

Donald Gilbert, MD, MS
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Mark Gold, MD
Washington University in St. Louis

Elana Harris, MD, PhD
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Susan Hatters-Friedman, MD
Case Western Reserve University

Faisal Islam, MD, MBA
Greenvale, New York

Kaustubh G. Joshi, MD
University of South Carolina School of Medicine

Rita Khoury, MD
Saint George Hospital University Medical Center

Suneeta Kumari, MD, MPH
Howard University Hospital

Michelle Magid, MD
Austin PsychCare PA

Michael Maksimowski, MD
Wayne State University

Jose Maldonado, MD
Stanford University

Thomas W. Meeks, MD
Portland VA Medical Center

John Miller, MD
University of South Florida

Armando Morera-Fumero, MD, PhD
Universidad de La Laguna

Mary K. Morreale, MD
Wayne State University

Philip Muskin, MD
Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons

Katharine Nelson, MD
University of Minnesota

Carol North, MD
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Douglas Opler, MD
Rutgers University School of Medicine

Joseph Pierre, MD
University of California, Los Angeles

Jerrold Pollak, PhD, ABN, ABPP
Seacoast Mental Health Center

Edwin Raffi, MD, MPH
Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Women’s Mental Health

Y. Pritham Raj, MD
Oregon Health and Science University

Jeffrey Rakofsky, MD
Emory University School of Medicine

Laura Ramsey, PhD
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Erica Rapp, MD
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Abhishek Reddy, MD
The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Eduardo Rueda Vasquez, MD
Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Stephen Saklad, PharmD, BCPP
The University of Texas at Austin

Lauren Schwarz, PhD, ABPP-CN
Saint Louis University School of Medicine

Andreas Sidiropoulos, MD
University of Michigan

Shirshendu Sinha, MD
Mayo Clinic Health System and Mayo Clinic

Cornel Stanciu, MD
Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine

Jeffrey Sung, MD
University of Washington

Thida Thant, MD
University of Colorado at Denver

Adele Viguera, MD
Cleveland Clinic Lerner College of Medicine

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