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VIDEO: Integrated care effective in first-episode psychosis




ATLANTA – Increasingly, data support taking an integrated approach to care in the intervention of first-episode psychosis.

But what are the key components of such treatment?

Dr. Charles Schulz, who initiated an integrated care clinic for first-episode psychosis at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, outlined the steps in an integrated care approach.

In an interview at the annual meeting of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Schulz reviewed the importance of intervening in the prodromal phase whenever possible, as well as offering cognitive-behavioral and remediation therapies along with medication management.

He also addressed the need for family psychoeducation and group therapy. And Dr. Schulz explained what to do when there might be a differential that manifests with psychiatric presentations that are not psychosis.

Dr. Schulz said he has industry relationships with Forum Pharmaceuticals and Myriad.

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