Child Psychiatry Consult

The power of the turkey sandwich

When dealing with emergent, aggressive behavior, food isn’t always the best medicine, but sometimes it is.

Beyond the White Coat

Responding to pseudoscience

Vitamin K deficiency bleeding is the newest adverse outcome spawned from misinformation spread via social media...

Behavioral Consult

Ghost busting in pediatric primary care

Look for connections to the parent’s past when the parent’s handling of typical or problematic child behaviors...


Life is beautiful

A perfectly arranged Mayo stand, oh, exactly as you like it. An empty EMR in basket. A flap close on the nose that closes just so.

Letters from Maine

Tidying up a motley crew

Is it necessary to apply a system such as biobanding to equalize high school football teams or let the kids...


Testicular cancer on the rise

Increase in sedentary lifestyle, high-fat diets, and sports resulting in trauma to the testes have been suggested as risk factors for testicular...