Beyond the White Coat


The necessity of being together

Sometimes necessity reminds us about what is really important in a world of high technology. Just being present...

Beyond the White Coat

Being whole

Physicians have to struggle balancing the potential benefits of technology and medical intervention with compassion and knowing when to say enough...

Beyond the White Coat

Pseudoscience redux

Dr. Kevin T. Powell highlights some developments in social media regarding fake news, some relating to vaccination.

Beyond the White Coat

Responding to pseudoscience

Vitamin K deficiency bleeding is the newest adverse outcome spawned from misinformation spread via social media...

Beyond the White Coat

How much more proof do you need?

Why are there still proponents for lengthy IV therapy when oral therapy works just as well?

Beyond the White Coat

Promoting confrontation

Ethics consults are mostly about miscommunication, empowering voices to be heard and clarifying values....