Fifty-one percent of U.S. adolescents fully vaccinated against HPV



However, the study saw no significant increases in coverage with three or more hepatitis B vaccine doses, two or more MMR vaccine doses, or with one or more varicella vaccine doses in adolescents without a history of varicella disease.

Adolescents with Medicaid had higher HPV vaccination coverage than did adolescents with private health insurance. Uninsured adolescents had lower coverage overall, ranging from 4 percentage points lower for one or more varicella vaccine doses to 19 percentage points lower for two or more 4MenB vaccines, compared with adolescents with private health insurance.

Vaccination rates were lower among adolescents outside metropolitan areas, particularly when it came to being up to date with HPV vaccination, where there was a 15 percentage point difference, and with two or more doses of the quadrivalent meningococ­cal conjugate vaccine, where there was a 20 percentage point difference.

Provider recommendations to parents were associated with a higher rate of coverage with one or more doses of the HPV vaccine, but the prevalence of provider recommendations varied significantly from state to state. Overall, 78% of parents said they received a provider recommendation for the adolescent HPV vaccine, but that figure was as low as 60% in Mississippi and as high as 91% in Massachusetts.

Parents living in nonmetropolitan areas were less likely to report receiving a provider recommendation than were those in metropolitan principal cities.

“Equipping providers with the tools they need to give strong recommendations that emphasize the importance of HPV vaccination in preventing cancer and effectively address parental concerns is a priority, especially in states where provider recommendations were less commonly reported,” Ms. Walker and associates said.

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