Is there a (robotic) doctor in the house?

Research published by Washington University’s Center for Advanced Studies in Adaptive Systems (CASAS) describes a technology that aims to help...


Office of Inspector General

Health care fraud, waste, and abuse consume some 10% of federal health expenditures.

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Ask about vaping and e-cigarette use

When we studied the knowledge and practice of e-cigarette use among pregnant women in one of our outpatient practices, we found that 43% of more...

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Cannabis and prenatal care

How ob.gyns. navigate conversations with patients around substance use remains crucial to delivery of the best possible prenatal care.

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Counseling on cannabis use in pregnancy

Screening for cannabis use in pregnancy is important, but it is key to maintain patients’ trust and their commitment to prenatal care.


‘Time lost is brain lost’

The plaintiff will typically be disqualified from offering medical testimony, unless there is “common knowledge.”