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Why I prefer the vaginal route for hysterectomy

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Dr. Mark Walters characterizes the vaginal approach to hysterectomy as a "solid, reliable way to do a hysterectomy." He feels that every gynecologist should know how to perform the vaginal approach and use it with properly selected patients. He explains:

  • why so few hysterectomies are performed vaginally, despite this approach’s record as the safest and cheapest option
  • why we should not abandon vaginal hysterectomy but “incorporate it into our practices as a best option in certain patients, as well as the most cost-effective option”
  • how to decide which hysterectomy route is best for a particular patient
  • what to do when the vaginal approach may not be the optimal option in a specific case
  • how the need for oophorectomy or salpingectomy influences the hysterectomy decision.

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