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Mastering the uterine manipulator: Basics and beyond

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Why this device is indispensible and how to use it most effectively


An essential but often overlooked component of a successful minimally invasive gynecologic procedure is uterine manipulation. Regardless of whether conservative or extirpative surgery is being performed, the ability to optimally position the uterus within the pelvis is critical to safe and efficient surgical dissection. The addition of a colpotomizer cup to any uterine manipulator further enhances the ability to perform a conventional or robot-assisted laparoscopic hysterectomy.

The following video, produced by my third-year resident, Katherine Palmerola, MD, and my second-year fellow, Mireille Truong, MD, aims to provide a quick reference for gynecologists to use to help teach their surgical assistants the fundamentals of assembly and use of a uterine manipulator. This video also can be used as a resource for educating residents and medical students on the essentials of uterine manipulation.

The objectives of this video are to:

  • outline the required instruments and steps for assembling a uterine manipulator and colpotomizer cup
  • demonstrate the technical nuances of proper uterine manipulation intraoperatively
  • highlight important clinical applications of uterine manipulation during pelvic surgery.

I hope this video proves to be a valuable resource for your practice.

– Dr. Arnold Advincula

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