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Is it time to rethink the use of oral contraceptives in premenopausal women with migraine?

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In this in-depth interview, hear headache expert Dr. Anne Calhoun discuss how oral contraceptives can help your patients with migraine—despite ACOG’s concerns, voiced in its 2006 practice bulletin, of OC use in this patient population.


Part 1 Data dissection

  • Migraine versus migraine with aura versus tension headache
  • Baseline risk of stroke in patients with migraine
  • What does the literature suggest about the risk of stroke associated with combination oral contraceptives (OCs) in women with migraine?
  • What have been the objections in the past to OC use in women with migraine?

Part 2 Successful interventions for avoiding menstrual headache

  • How might women with migraine benefit from OCs?
  • Estrogen dose: Does it make a difference in headache avoidance?
  • Is low dose or continuous OC use the best option for contraception in women with migraine?
  • Should an ObGyn consult with a headache specialist before prescribing combination OCs to women with migraine?

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