New technology offers more than convenience



I commend Dr. Levy for highlighting energy-delivery systems for gynecologic surgeons. I have adopted LigaSure V for all of my Gyn cases—both laparoscopic and open—because of the convenience and safety of bipolar devices for coagulation and cutting.

Not all members of my department have adopted energy-delivery systems, however. Some faculty members still ligate vessels the traditional way (i.e., hand-tying knots), eschewing modern technology. This can lead to increased time in the OR trying to achieve hemostasis. It also can increase the likelihood that the patient will need a blood transfusion as a result of unnecessary blood loss. It can also lead to longer hospitalization and related complications such as deep venous thrombosis and nosocomial pneumonia.

If the faculty member is a role model for resident physicians, all the more reason to adopt the new technology—or residents will be deprived of opportunities to learn it. We coach our residents to practice evidence-based medicine; if we do not practice it on our own, why should they? I urge all gynecologic surgeons to adopt new energy-delivery systems in your practice.

Takeko Takeshige, DO
New York, NY

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