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ObGyns are about to enjoy the benefits of collaboration between AAGL and OBG Management


Sunday morning, and I am sitting at the computer writing this “Editorial” and trying to juggle my tasks for the conclusion of the year—tasks that include over 25,000 miles’ worth of travel to meetings and other events! One of those trips will take me across the country to the “other Washington” for AAGL’s 36th Global Congress of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, November 13 to 17. Although I’m obliged, as presenter and past-president of AAGL, to travel to the congress, I’m pleased to tell you that an exciting collaboration between AAGL and OBG Management will make it possible for you to access key congress events—scientific presentations, industry symposia, expert debates, live telesurgery, surgical tutorials, and even the exhibit hall—from home or office!

The “full flavor” of the congress

Attending the AAGL Congress has always been an adventure for me. What I learn there challenges my thinking about minimally invasive surgical management and pushes me to evaluate new approaches to optimal care. Through the AAGL-OBG Management collaboration, much of that intellectual challenge will be available to surgeons whenever they can get to a computer.

Entering the congress highlights via,, or, you will find an environment where some of the latest tools and tricks displayed at the congress can be viewed. There will be audio and video news coverage of key events from the meeting floor, podcasts, webcasts, and the text of talks with PowerPoint presentations. This trove will give you the full flavor of the meeting.

Keep in mind that I don’t mean “press” coverage or interpretation of activities; rather, these are presentations that have been vetted by AAGL’s scientific program and CME committees. The material will be referenced and organized so that you can focus your attention on subjects of everyday interest and utility.

One plus one is…three, or greater

Both AAGL and OBG Management have been leaders in promoting innovation in gynecologic surgery and providing ObGyns with evidence-based, peer-reviewed scientific papers to help inform our clinical practices. Their collaboration is truly cutting edge: It combines the expertise and integrity of AAGL in teaching minimally invasive gynecology with OBG Management’s technology and expertise in information handling and presentation. The outcome? We’ll be able to learn, more efficiently and more effectively, the most innovative treatments.

To those of you who will attend AAGL’s Global Congress—I look forward to seeing you. To those who cannot be there—welcome to the technology that makes a virtual meeting possible!

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