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Virtuallyall ofthe data in OBG Management have been published previously—in the form of original research reports. And that is as it should be. OBG Management informs and guides much as a good review article organizes and explains a previously published body of research.

I invite you to take part in a sounding board of OBG Management readers, and help guide our decision-making.

“True review articles are written primarily as a service to the reader,” observes Peter Morgan, MD, a former scientific editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal, in his collection of editorials, An Insider’s Guide for Medical Authors and Editors. To write serviceable reviews, he adds, “the authors must have a keen sense of what the reader does know, doesn’t know, and wants to know.”

Without such insight, we would find it impossible to make OBG Management likewise serviceable, even though the articles reflect research considered relevant, important, and valid by our academic advisory board. That is why, at the beginning of our 15-year history, we opened a channel of communication via continual reader surveys. We also meet with many of you personally at national meetings every year.

We plan to continue these efforts, and we want to take advantage of today’s technology to stay in touch even more from now on.

I invite you to take part in a special sounding board of OBG Management readers, and help guide our decision-making. This new sounding board will be a convenient way for you to tell us what you like and don’t like, what you think is missing or unnecessary, interesting or uninteresting, useful or impractical…or anything else!

  • Do you have suggestions for articles or sections?
  • Are you interested in casting a vote on new ideas being considered?
  • Are you willing to answer an occasional, brief e-mail or fax?

If so, I hope you will add your name to our OBG Management “virtual editorial board.” Just write to me at the e-mail address below.

I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about how OBG Management can help you in the care of your patients.

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