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Evaluating Endometrial Ablation Options: A Guide for Evidence-Based Decision Making


A supplement to Ob.Gyn. News.
This supplement was sponsored by ETHICON Women's Health & Urology.

Topic Highlights

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Topic Highlights

• The Evolution of Thermal Balloon Therapy

• Understanding the Mechanism of Action for Thermal Balloon Therapy

• Menorrhagia-Associated Dysmenorrhea

• Importance of endometrial Cavitary Coverage

• A Review of Research on Clinical Efficacy

• Thermal Balloon Ablation After Cesarean Section

• Should Thermal Balloon Therapy Be Performed in the Office?
Faculty/Faculty Disclosures

Hector O. Chapa, MD
Medical Director and Outreach Coordinator
Women's Specialty Center
Clinical Faculty
Methodist Medical Center
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency ProgramDallas, TX
Dr. Chapa is a medical consultant for ETHICON Women's Health & Urology and has coauthored its Professional Education Content for ThermaChoice Balloon Ablation.

Lowell L. McCauley, MD, PC
Knoxville, TN
Dr. McCauley is a medical consultant for ETHICON Women's Health & Urology. To date, he has successfully completed more than 400 Thermachoice III endometrial ablations and serves as a physician educator and trainer for the procedure.

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