Appropriateness of performing in-office uterine aspiration


In their article, "Uterine aspiration: From OR to office" (February 2019), Lauren Thaxton, MD, MBA, and Bri Tristan, MD, made the case for why, in appropriate clinical situations, office-based uterine aspiration, compared with uterine aspiration in the OR, should be the standard surgical management of early pregnancy failure. Their reasons included an equivalent safety profile, reduced costs, and patient-centered characteristics.

OBG Management posed this query to readers in a website poll: "Should the standard location for uterine apiration be in the office?" See how readers responded, below.

Poll results

A total of 73 readers cast their vote:

  • 86.3% (63 readers) said yes, in appropriate clinical situations
  • 13.7% (10 readers) said no

Reader comments

"Yes, in appropriate clinical situations."

-Yardlie Toussaint-Foster, DO, Downingtown, Pennsylvania

"I have been doing it this way (in the office) for years, up to 11 to 12 weeks without complication."

-John Lane, MD, Raleigh, North Carolina

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