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Multiple payment systems impede universal HPV screening access

Sarah Feldman, MD, MPH; Robert L. Barbieri, MD


Multiple payment systems impede universal HPV screening access

Unless the issue of multiple systems of payment and access (that is, multiple insurance companies and providers) can be resolved in the United States, I do not believe there will be an advancement across the board for human papillomavirus (HPV) screening. In my opinion, we need to work toward access to health care for all and a single-payer system.

C.L. Conrad-Forrest, MD
Davis, California

Dr. Barbieri responds

I agree with Dr. Conrad-Forrest that improving cervical cancer screening would be advanced by interoperable electronic medical records and health systems that are designed to manage population health. I predict that a large integrated health system will be the first to adopt the use of high-risk HPV testing to screen for cervical cancer in the United States.

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