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Midwife-physician alliance benefits women

Robert L. Barbieri, MD


Midwife-physician alliance benefits women

I want to thank Dr. Barbieri for the introduction to his April editorial in which he states that the “trusted nurse midwife asks you to consult on her patient.” Where I practice (in a large suburb of Kansas with a hospital where more than 5,000 babies are delivered yearly), there is a serious lack of midwives and an even greater lack of physicians to support them. As the co-owner of an independently owned nurse-midwife practice, after losing our collaborating physician, we were unable to secure collaboration from any other group, despite our cesarean delivery rate of 5%, vaginal birth after cesarean success rate of 87%, and chorioamnionitis rate of 0%. Please continue to educate your readers on the benefit to women when all obstetric providers work together.

Julie Gorenc, CNM
Lenexa, Kansas

Dr. Barbieri responds

I thank Ms. Gorenc for her support of OBG Management and share her concern about optimizing obstetric care. Given the pending shortage of clinicians, we will need all experienced clinicians to work together to ensure access to high-quality obstetric care. My observation is that many obstetricians are concerned about liability issues that can be associated with coverage of other clinicians, including nurse midwives. The quality of obstetric care and collaboration would be enhanced if our medical tort system could evolve to a “just culture,” ending the “blame and shame” associated with tort litigation.

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