Letters to the Editor: Update on contraception



Mitchell D. Creinin, MD; Natasha R. Schimmoeller, MD, MPH, MA (August 2016)

Interesting anatomic variation and management for IUD placement

I recently saw a patient for insertion of an intrauterine device (IUD). On examination with a speculum, I could not find the patient’s cervix. On bimanual exam, I found the cervix to be extremely anterior. I again placed a speculum and, even knowing where to look, could not bring the cervix into view. I did a second bimanual exam and noticed that I could move the cervix into a more axial plane if I exerted suprapubic pressure. The patient’s uterus was retroverted and her cervix was behind her symphysis. When I placed the speculum again, I asked the patient to apply suprapubic pressure, as I just had. With this procedure I then found her cervix easily, grasped it with a tenaculum, and inserted the IUD, which went well.

Jeffrey Joseph, MD
Wakefield, Rhode Island

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