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Product Update: JUST…Love, pjur med



JUST…Love, from Just Pure Essentials, is a massage and moisturizing oil product line made of plant-based oils infused with a variety of herbs.

Just Pure Essentials suggests that JUST…Love be used to moisturize the face and body and for facial cleansing and shaving. It has been recommended by women’s health professionals as a lubricant and moisturizer to relieve vaginal dryness, says the manufacturer.

Just Pure Essentials products are 100% vegan; chemical and preservative free; and without alcohols, additives, or phytoestrogens. The base of each product is coconut medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil pressed from nongenetically modified coconut oil by a steam distillation process. The oil is blended with other organic oils and botanical ingredients, including green tea see oil, French plum oil, argan, and marshmallow leaf. It does not contain dyes, perfumes, or artificial flavors. Just Pure Essentials says its formulas do not dry up and turn sticky.


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