Original Research

Factors Associated With Lower-Extremity Amputation in Patients With Diabetic Foot Ulcers




This retrospective study exploring factors associated with LEA was unique in that all our participants had 1 or more diabetic foot ulcerations, and thus already had an extremely high risk for amputation, in contrast to previous studies that followed persons at risk for developing diabetic foot ulcerations. In contrast to several previous studies, we found that the risk for amputation actually decreased as baseline measurements of HbA1c increased. The results of this study offer many opportunities for future investigations, preferably with a larger sample size. By further isolating and scrutinizing specific factors associated with LEA, researchers can help clinicians focus on providing wound care that promotes limb salvage.

Corresponding author: Alisha Oropallo, MD, MS, Northwell Health Comprehensive Wound Care Healing Center and Hyperbarics, 1999 Marcus Avenue, Suite M6, Lake Success, NY 11042; [email protected].

Financial disclosures: Funding for this research was provided by a multi-institutional AHRQ governmental grant.


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