Pearl of the Month

More on using expired medications

The expiration date is a date, required by law, that the manufacturer can guarantee greater than 90% original potency of the medication.


Laboratory testing: No doctor required?

Shouldn’t we allow people to get the tests they want, at least if they are willing to pay for it? Of course, it’s not quite that simple.


SCD in athletes: Lessons from high-profile cases

There are certainly things that we know we should be intervening on and others where participation is a question. All of these we are trying to...

The Optimized Doctor

The differential diagnosis you’re missing

An itchy 73-year-old woman came to see me. She had seen several competent dermatologists, had comprehensive workups, and had reasonable, even...

Managing Your Practice

Artificial intelligence in your office

Some AI-based tools are available to use in your office right now, with no “existential” threat to anybody.


Don’t call them ‘private parts’

Please use your understanding of anatomy and physiology to educate your patients to have better sexual health and higher quality of life. You may...