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Cobomarsen shows early promise for treating ATLL




There were no dose-limiting toxicities, AE-related discontinuations, treatment-related grade 3/4 AEs, or new opportunistic infections observed.

“[I] have to say, in using this drug now for over a year in two of my patients – and that’s with weekly administration – we really haven’t seen anything as far as adverse events,” Dr. Foss said.

She noted that one patient has reported transient diarrhea after dosing.

Two serious AEs – febrile neutropenia and pyrexia – occurred in one patient, but neither of these events were considered related to cobomarsen. The AEs occurred after the patient had stopped cobomarsen, and both events resolved.

There were no on-treatment deaths. One patient (the one who received cobomarsen for 9 days) died from disease progression approximately 2 months after stopping cobomarsen and while on a different therapy.

Dr. Foss said, based on their results, she and her colleagues are hoping to accrue more ATLL patients in this trial.

The trial is sponsored by miRagen Therapeutics. Dr. Foss is a cochair of the T-cell Lymphoma Forum. The T-cell Lymphoma Forum is organized by Jonathan Wood & Associates, which is owned by the same company as this news organization.

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