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Outpatient CAR T infusions feasible using liso-cel



For patients receiving the higher dose of liso-cel, the ORR was 81% (95% CI, 62%-94%), with a 63% CR rate (95% CI, 42%-81%), bearing out the dose-response rate that had been seen earlier in the trial, Dr. Abramson said.

The median duration of response in all TRANSCEND patients was 9.2 months; the median duration of remission has not been reached, he said. “We see evidence of durable response at 3 months in all our high-risk subsets, and that includes double- and triple-hit lymphomas, double-expresser lymphomas, patients who’ve never achieved prior complete remission, and patients with refractory disease.”

“The overall results are similarly encouraging,” Dr. Abramson said, with 86% of all patients alive at 6 months. Among the complete responders, 94% are alive at the 6-month mark. “The median duration of complete responders has not been reached in this cohort,” he said.

These results are notable, Dr. Abramson said, since about 90% of study participants have at least one disease risk factor that would predict median overall survival of 3-6 months.


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