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High efficacy, no safety signals for herpes zoster vaccine post-HSCT



In addition to the primary endpoint of vaccine efficacy in prevention of HZ cases during the study period, secondary objectives included monitoring vaccine reactogenicity and safety, and evaluating vaccine efficacy for the prevention of PHN and other complications of HZ.

Tertiary objectives included vaccine efficacy in preventing HZ during the first year posttransplant (vaccine efficacy 84.7%; 95% CI, 32.2-96.6), as well as efficacy in preventing hospitalizations related to HZ (vaccine efficacy 76.2%, 95% CI 61.1-86.0).

An exploratory analysis found vaccine efficacy of 71.8% for participants younger than 50 years (95% CI, 38.8 – 88.3). For patients aged 50 years and older, vaccine efficacy was 67.3% (95% CI, 52.6–77.9).

The safety of HZ/su was determined by analyzing data for all participants, but efficacy data included only those who received the second dose and did not develop HZ within a month of receiving the second vaccine dose.

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