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Private practice to private equity–backed MSO – Perspectives from the United Digestive team: Part 2


Author’s note: In December 2018, Atlanta Gastroenterology Associates partnered with Frazier Healthcare Partners to form the practice management company United Digestive (UD). Since that time, colleagues across the country have evaluated their own private equity prospects and partnerships, as well as monitored the progress of our transition.

So how are things going? Enjoy part two of this two-part article where we reached out to several team members from all levels within the organization and asked them to share their personal experiences – both highlights and challenges – during UD’s first year.

Did you miss Part 1? Don’t worry, you can read Part 1 here (

There are several private equity–backed GI practice management groups across the country. Why did you and your colleagues decide to partner with UD last year, and, how is the relationship going to date?
Mark Murphy, MD, UD Physician Executive Committee Member Center for Digestive and Liver Health in Savannah, Ga.

  • “We previously investigated other partnerships but felt they really did not bring enough value to make our group stronger or more viable. United Digestive was different. The idea of partnering with like-minded gastroenterologists to become a larger, single-specialty entity, with contract negotiation leverage and economies of scale was appealing and would not be possible as a 10-person group. Further, the partnership represented an opportunity to eliminate debt, minimize future risk to younger partners, and yet also embrace an ability to add new services and physicians.

“There were expected hiccups in the beginning: specifically IT and HR issues, which were remedied appropriately and timely. One month after the partnership was completed, reports started coming out of China about a new viral illness – an illness that telescoped our perspective on the consequences of our decision into a timeline of months rather than years.

“UD’s response to the COVID-19 epidemic has been phenomenal. The organization made the tough, but proper clinical calls that limited risks to patients and staff. They came up with a game plan to salvage fiscal viability – rolling out telemedicine in a matter of days and establishing the manner in which patients with high acuity could still be seen and cared for expediently.

“As a solo GI practice, we would have struggled mightily to survive and might have gone bankrupt. Had we been part of a larger non-GI entity (a hospital or multispecialty group), we might have been pressured to engage in unsafe or unethical practices and not consistent with national societal recommendations. Instead, we found ourselves having active discussions with our GI colleagues about the right path forward.”


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