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Virtual tape measure for colonoscopy measures polyp size

There are risks from the current practice of estimating polyp size, according to Avishay Sidlesky, founder of VTM Technologies, Ltd. He called these estimates “inherently inaccurate” and asserted that they “lead to erroneous diagnoses, suboptimal treatment and follow-up.” He believes that a “virtual tape measure” dependent on an endoscopic laser emitter solves this problem and cited a published paper that confirmed the accuracy of polyp measurements conducted with this device in an animal model.

“Employing dedicated software that analyzes the laser curves in the endoscopic image, the system enables reporting of the size of lesions, diameter and profile of polyps, longitudinal cross-section of lumens and more,” Mr. Sidlesky reported, specifying that the tool can be used alone or integrated into third party endoscopes. He believes applications can eventually be developed for a variety of endoscopic procedures in addition to colonoscopy.

Of Shark comments, several regarded concern about how this measuring tool would be integrated with existing endoscopic systems. Even though the measuring tool can be introduced in an unused channel of available scopes, the image is displayed separately. Michael J. Docktor, MD, clinical director of innovation, Boston Children’s Hospital, cautioned that devices that add steps to the workflow in the endoscopy suite may not be as rapidly accepted as one in which the tool is totally integrated with existing systems.


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