Drs. Hobbs and Mounsey respond


We thank Drs. Glaser and Frank for their comments and for pointing out that NAMS has retired its position on the use of testosterone for postmenopausal women with HSDD.

The testosterone patch has been shown to increase libido in women, but there are concerns about its long-term safety. As stated in the Clinical Inquiry, the FDA and The Endocrine Society do not recommend its use.

Sildenafil may improve sexual functioning in patients with antidepressant-associated sexual dysfunction, although not specifically desire. The subhead for the section on sildenafil should have read, “Sildenafil increases low sexual functioning …” and not “low sexual desire.”

Keia Hobbs, MD
Anne Mounsey, MD

Chapel Hill, NC

The authors are members of the Family Physicians Inquiries Network, which produces Clinical Inquiries.

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