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BEST PRACTICES IN: Renal Impairment in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes: an Important Determinant of Treatment Selection


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  • Complications Associated With T2DM
  • Epidemiology of CKD/RI With DM
  • Risk Factors for CKD/RI in Patients With DM
  • Early Identification and Screening
  • Healthcare Providers Are Unaware of the Negative Effects of CKD on Cardiovascular Outcomes in Patients With T2DM
  • Awareness of CKD/RI: Clinicians
  • Awareness of CKD/RI: Patients
  • Awareness of CKD/RI: Glycemic Control
  • Prevention and Management

Faculty/Faculty Disclosure
Fernando Ovalle, MD

Associate Professor, Medicine
Director, Fellowship Training Program
Diabetes & Endocrine Research Unit and Comprehensive Diabetes Clinic
UAB School of Medicine
Birmingham, AL

Michael Kodack, PharmD
Vice President, Medical
BlueSpark Healthcare Communications LLC
Basking Ridge, NJ

Fernando Ovalle, MD, has disclosed no potential conflicts of interest. Michael Kodack, PharmD, is an employee of BlueSpark Healthcare Communications LLC.

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