A health plan ‘down payment’ is one way states are retooling individual mandate


“All the mandate efforts are based on the federal one,” Mr. Levitis said. “The variations are what you put on top, [how states] individually keep track of the money people pay and use it for health care services.”

He pointed to Connecticut as an example. It has two bills pending in its legislature – one that closely mirrors the federal mandate, but with slightly lower fines, and another in which the fines would be deposited into health savings accounts for the individuals.

In New Jersey, a Senate panel advanced a two-bill approach on March 5 that would collect a fee from residents who opt against buying health insurance. These fines would then be used to help pay the health care claims of people who are catastrophically ill.

In the District of Columbia, a health care working group recommended an individual mandate nearly identical to the federal one. The plan would require City Council and congressional approval to become law.

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