Aesthetic Dermatology

Collagen drinks – do they really work?

Diet absolutely plays a role in our overall health and skin appearance. But can these concentrated collagen drinks provide an increased benefit?...



When appointments are thoughtfully made, the patients are more likely to keep them.

The Optimized Doctor


Discussing diet, like politics, religion, or salary, is best done just with oneself. Yet, I’m compelled to share what I’ve learned.

Law & Medicine

Patients who record office visits

Is it legal for patients to record conversations with physicians without physicians’ knowledge?

Make the Diagnosis

Make the Diagnosis - May 2018

An HIV-positive patient presents with a 1-month history of severely pruritic papules on his chest. What's the diagnosis?

Managing Your Practice

New Medicare cards

The switch began on April 1, and is expected to take about a year as the CMS processes about half a dozen states at a time.

EHR Report

What is an old doctor to do?

Voice recognition software may ease the stress of EHR duties for physicians who never trained in typing.


Privacy, propaganda, and polarization

It is clear that the public’s ability to use the Internet to improve their health has been markedly compromised over the past 3 years.