Aesthetic Dermatology

Aesthetic Dermatology Update

Integrative dermatology

Salves and skin care routines that would be considered natural or holistic have been “prescribed” by Western dermatologists for many years.

Cosmeceutical Critique

The role of the skin microbiome in skin care

Many supplement and cosmeceutical companies have jumped on the microbiome bandwagon prematurely and claim that their products increase "good...


Cosmeceutical Critique


This beta-amino acid appears to hold promising potential in the dermatologic realm, particularly for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects...

Aesthetic Dermatology Update


Subcision and microneedling are safe, effective in-office procedures that can be used for depigmented and hypopigmented skin.

Cosmeceutical Critique


The essential oil of clove shows promise, from treating palmar hyperhidrosis, chronic pruritus, and chronic anal fissure to eradicating acne-...