Radiology Review

These Hips Don’t Lie

After his car is broadsided at an unknown speed, this older man complains of hip pain. What will a radiograph show?


Radiology Review

Give Her a Shoulder to Cry on

After her car is broadsided by a tractor trailer, an elderly woman complains of right shoulder pain. What does an x-ray reveal?

Law & Medicine

Good Notes Can Deter Litigation

Excellent personal and legal representation in court can help you win a malpractice case. But good documentation could help you avoid the...

Radiology Review

More Than His Car Is Bent Out of Shape

After crashing his car into a telephone pole, a 30-year-old man appears to have deformities in his lower extremities. What will the radiograph...

Radiology Review

A Pain He Can’t Walk Off

An elderly man experiences a “deep aching pain” in his right knee. Walking and weight bearing make it worse. What does the radiograph reveal?