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The most common reason for missed appointments, however, according to multiple studies, is that patients simply forget that they have one.


More practice merger options

When joining any group, read the agreement carefully for any clauses that might infringe on your clinical judgment.


Merging small practices

A little planning and negotiation can prevent a lot of grief, regret, and legal expenses in the future.


Practice valuation

Too often, physicians are not receiving a fair return on the equity they have worked so hard to build over several decades.


Should you dismiss that patient?

Contrary to what seems to be the popular opinion, there are no statutory laws that I am aware of that directly apply to patient dismissal, beyond...


Closing your practice

A paucity of good employees is just one of many reasons given by physicians who have decided to close up shop.


Finding employees during a pandemic

I have had job listings for both front- and back-office positions posted on all the major job boards and other employment portals for months.


The ADA and hearing-impaired patients

In the case of hearing-impaired or deaf patients, it is important to remember that forms of communication that are quite adequate for most are not...