The Office


If you reopen it, will they come?

The big question, of course, is whether patients can be convinced that it is safe to leave their homes and come to your office.


Overhead management during a crisis

I sincerely hope that all of our practices will return to some semblance of normal in the coming months; but we cannot assume a best possible...


COVID-19: What now?

With great reluctance, I must trot out a hoary old cliché: Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.


Medical identity theft

If your office's computer system does not have effective fraud protection, you could be held liable for any fraud committed with information...



Seasonality is yet another of those basic business concepts that most physicians have never heard of.


Paid (and unpaid) time off

A major issue with PTO is the possibility that employees will resist staying home when they are actually sick.


Long-term care insurance

To be sure, there is considerable debate about whether LTCI is worth the cost.


When can I retire?

Many of us lack a clear idea of where our retirement income will come from, or if it will be there when we arrive.


Review your insurance

Malpractice insurance requirements will remain fairly static throughout your career, but other insurance needs evolve over time. A good example is...


Hiring the right employees

Many of the personnel questions I receive concern the dreaded “marginal employee” – a person who has never done anything truly heinous to merit...