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Aripiprazole: What the researchers say

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Aripiprazole is believed to be less likely than typical antipsychotics to induce tardive dyskinesia, but more long-term information is needed.3

Studies have associated aripiprazole use with some weight gain, but (marginally) less than risperidone,7 less than haloperidol,6 and substantially less than olanzapine.8 Direct comparisons with other atypicals are not yet available.

Aripiprazole’s effect on glucose metabolism has not been determined, but early information suggests a favorable profile with respect to metabolic indices. Aripiprazole does not appear to elevate prolactin or cause cardiac QTc prolongation. Sedation appears to be the most pronounced side effect; this effect also appears to increase with higher dosages.

As has happened with the other atypicals, the pattern of use for aripiprazole will unfold over time as clinicians gain experience with using this agent in distinct patient groups.

Related resources

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Drug brand names

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  • Haloperidol • Haldol
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