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Command hallucinations, but is it really psychosis?

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A recent review highlighted 2 trends in medication prescribing for individuals with BPD3:

  • a decrease in the use of benzodiazepines and antidepressants
  • an increase in or preference for mood stabilizers and SGAs, especially valproate and quetiapine.

In terms of which medications can be used to target specific symptoms, the same researchers also noted from previous studies3:

  • The prior use of SSRIs to target affective dysregulation, anxiety, and impulsive- behavior dyscontrol
  • mood stabilizers (notably anticonvulsants) and SGAs to target “core symptoms” of BPD, including affective dysregulation, impulsive-behavioral dyscontrol, and cognitive-perceptual distortions
  • omega-3 fatty acids for mood stabilization, impulsive-behavior dyscontrol, and possibly to reduce self-harm behaviors.

TREATMENT Medication adjustments

The treatment team reviews the lack of evidence for the long-term use of psychotropic medications in the treatment of BPD with Ms. D and her relatives,2-5 and develops a medication regimen that is clinically appropriate for managing the symptoms of BPD, while also being mindful of adverse effects.

When Ms. D was admitted to the LTSR from the hospital, her psychotropic medication regimen included haloperidol, 150 mg IM every month; olanzapine, 20 mg at bedtime; benztropine, 1 mg twice daily; and melatonin, 9 mg at bedtime.

Following discussions with Ms. D and her older sister, the team initiates a taper of olanzapine because of metabolic concerns. Ms. D has gained >40 lb while receiving this medication and had hypertension. Olanzapine was tapered and discontinued over the course of 3 months with no reemergence of sustained mood or psychotic symptoms (Table 3). During this period, Ms. D also participates in dietary counselling, follows a portion-controlled regimen, and loses >30 lb. Her wellness plan focuses on nutrition and exercise to improve her overall physical health.

Ms. D’s medications upon admission to LTSR and tapering timeline

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