Unexpected Health Risks Found in Celiac Patients


As awareness about celiac disease continues to grow, experts agree that the current average 11-year gap between symptom onset and diagnosis will shrink, resulting in more diagnoses in childhood and adolescence.

There was also a consensus among all the experts interviewed that, given the recent findings of an increased mortality rate associated with this earlier diagnosis, any attempts to reduce this higher mortality must begin with a better understanding of the unique burdens that childhood diagnosis and treatment may bring.

Get Help With Celiac Disease

Dr. Edwards George recommends these organizations as good resources for patients and families dealing with celiac disease:

PICeliac Disease Foundation

Phone: 213-654-4085

Web site:

PICeliac Sprue Association of the United States of America

Phone: 402-558-0600

Web site:

PIGluten Intolerance Group

Phone: 253-833-6655

Web site:

PINational Foundation for Celiac Awareness

Phone: 215-325-1306

Web site:


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