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EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: MERS – What physicians need to know



VANCOUVER, B.C. – Dr. Daniel C. Payne has been investigating the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus since the first case was reported in the Arabian Peninsula nearly 2 years ago.

An epidemiologist with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Payne has traveled to the sites of outbreak and has worked with foreign officials to study and track down the virus.

Meanwhile, in the United States, CDC officials have been preparing for the potential arrival of the virus for the past year, Dr. Payne said. So when the first case was confirmed on May 2 in Munster, Ind., all the pieces were in place and health officials were ready.

How big a worry is MERS for U.S. physicians, what critical questions should they ask their patients, and what precautions should they take? Dr. Payne addressed some of these major concerns in a video interview during the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies and shared the silver lining to the virus’s arrival in the United States.

He also encouraged physicians to check the CDC website for the latest updates and practice protocols. Physicians can also visit the World Health Organization’s website for the latest global updates.

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