Alabama, Oregon, and pediatric asthma


The prevalence of pediatric asthma is lowest in Oregon and highest in Alabama, according to estimates from the American Lung Association.

Estimated pediatric asthma prevalence

Oregon’s rate comes in at 557 per 10,000 population under the age of 18 years, just ahead of Montana at 574 per 10,000 and Iowa at 577. The prevalence of pediatric asthma in Alabama is 1,315 per 10,000, with North Carolina (1,149), Connecticut (1,107), Hawaii (1,026), and New York (1,005) joining it as members of the over-1,000 club. (MDedge News used the ALA’s estimates for persons under age 18 years with asthma in each state and Census Bureau estimates for population to calculate an unadjusted rate for each state.)

The ALA analysis was based on data from the Behavioral Risk Factor Behavioral System surveys for 2016 (31 states), 2015 (District of Columbia, Louisiana, New Hampshire, Texas), 2014 (Alabama, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, West Virginia), 2012 (North Dakota and Wyoming), and 2011 (Iowa). National data were used for eight states (Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, Virginia) that had no data available.

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