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Pediatric Vaccines & Infectious Diseases: Fall 2017


An editorial supplement to Pediatric News.

Articles Include:

  • The perpetual challenge of emerging infections
  • Teen vaccines: Where are we now, and how can we go further?
  • Parental reasons for HPV nonvaccination are shifting
  • Make HIV testing of adolescents routine


Michael E. Pichichero, M.D.
Dr. Pichichero, a specialist in pediatric infectious diseases, is director of the Research Institute, Rochester (N.Y.) General Hospital. He is also a pediatrician at Legacy Pediatrics in Rochester. He is an ID Consult columnist for Pediatric News. Dr. Pichichero said that in the past 3 years he has received research funding from Sanofi Pasteur and Merck for investigator-initiated research for vaccine-related research, but not specifically relating to any of the vaccines and topics included in this supplement..

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