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VIDEO: Caring for transgender youth will require care across specialties



BALTIMORE – Training in transgender care needs to be amplified across all specialties, including pediatrics, as the number of transgender individuals, both young and old, continues to climb.

“We all have a gender, we all have a gender identity, we all have a way in which we express that to the world around us, and to ignore that part of a human being [and] a patient would be a real detriment [to] our society,” explained Dr. Kristen Eckstrand a resident in the child psychiatry program at the University of Pittsburgh.

In an interview at the annual meeting of the Pediatric Academic Societies, Dr. Eckstrand discussed strategies for talking to transgender patients to provide the best care for them, and the importance of working across professions and specialties when the situation calls for it.

Dr. Eckstrand did not report any relevant financial disclosures.

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