ADVENT-HF early results: High ASV compliance, no safety concerns



– The ADVENT-HF trial, designed to test whether adaptive servo ventilation (ASV) improves cardiovascular outcomes in heart failure patients with sleep apnea, so far has better compliance than previous trials, with no safety concerns to date, according to investigator T. Douglas Bradley, MD.

On average, patients with obstructive sleep apnea were using the device 4.6 hours per night at 1 month and 4.1 hours at 12 months, while patients with central sleep apnea were using the device 5.2 hours per night both at 1 month and 12 months, Dr. Bradley said.

“This represents much better compliance than the other trials that have looked into this area, so we are quite happy about that,” Dr. Bradley said at the annual meeting of the American College of Chest Physicians.

The study has been reviewed five times by the data safety monitoring board since the announcement of SERVE-HF trial results, with no safety concerns in either obstructive sleep apnea or central sleep apnea patients, Dr. Bradley noted in a podium presentation.

The compliance results have been submitted for publication, though efficacy results of the study will have to wait. The estimated study completion date is June 2020, according to the latest study information on

More than 600 patients have been enrolled in ADVENT-HF to date, and the investigators hope to enroll more than 800: “We should be there by the end of next year,” Dr. Bradley said.

He provided disclosures related to Philips Respironics (funding and devices) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.

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