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Texas’ tasty heart cake and Gotham’s coronavirus robot


Wait, you’re both right. It’s two treats in one! It’s a heart and a cake. It’s the cake that looks like a heart.

Seriously, it really looks like a heart. It looks like it should still be beating. We’re talking anatomically correct and glistening with just-pulled-from-the-body freshness.

This latest wonder of the baking world comes from Crabby Cakes in Portland, Tex., just across the Nueces Bay Causeway from Corpus Christi. Just get on West Broadway Avenue from the I-181 frontage road, then make a right onto Wildcat Drive and a left at Maple Drive.

Crabby Cakes owner Jessica Wolfe is a big fan of horror movies and has even visited some of the sites where scenes were shot for “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.” She told the Dallas Morning News that she “was trying to do something different for Valentine’s Day, cake-wise.”

She posted a video of the cake on the bakery’s Facebook page and it went viral, gobbling up over a million views in less than a week, the Morning News reported. Each cake costs $70 and will feed about five people, but the bakery cannot ship them out of state.

Among the cake-generated surprises was the attention she got from the health care industry. “Nurses, doctor’s offices, and graduates want the hearts,” Ms. Wolfe told the Morning News. “But they also want livers, kidneys, and lungs.”

Let’s just hope there aren’t any transplant surgeons calling.


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