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America’s peas problem and freshly grated tattoos


Grate idea, or greatest idea?

Tattoo removal is a big part of business for quite a few dermatologists out there. In 2011, more than 100,000 tattoo removal procedures were performed, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

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But dermatologists beware, because an Argentinian man may have found a far cheaper method for getting rid of unwanted tattoos, one that would make all those fancy lasers obsolete.

And it all hinges on a humble kitchen utensil: the cheese grater.

The story began when our intrepid hero found out that he wouldn’t be able to work as airport police with a visible tattoo. Simultaneously, he decided that the detail on the week-old tattoo was not up to his standard. So, the man took to the Internet, searching for a cheap way to remove the offending mark. He tried a pumice stone but had no luck. So, next came the cheese grater.

And credit where credit’s due – he did get rid of the tattoo. He washed the wound, applied disinfectant, and everything was good.

Okay, he MAY have required a trip to his local emergency department because he needed a tetanus shot. And while the man isn’t sorry that he did what he did, he wouldn’t recommend the procedure to anyone else.

But consider yourselves on notice, dermatologists. There are always new ways to innovate.

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