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Measles outbreak sends vaccine demand soaring, even among the hesitant


Demand for measles vaccine has surged in the Washington county in which the highly contagious virus is linked to more than 50 confirmed illnesses this year – including among people who had previously shunned the shots.

Orders for two types of measles vaccines in Clark County were up nearly 500% in January, compared with the same month last year, jumping from 530 doses to 3,150, according to state health department figures.

Area health clinics are scrambling to keep up with sudden demand, mostly among parents of children who had not been inoculated.

“During an outbreak is when you see an influx of patients who would otherwise be vaccine hesitant,” said Virginia Ramos, infection control nurse with Sea Mar Community Health Center, which runs six sites that offer vaccines in Clark County.

“We’re just happy that we’re prepared and that there is vaccine available.”


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