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Necrotizing lunchitis, pneumonia throwdown, global gamete warming


‘Necrotizing lunchitis’

Here at the Bureau of Livin’ on the MDedge, we pride ourselves on having the best words. And being University of Michigan graduates. So, the pain is Likert-scale 10 when Big Ten rivals have better words – and worse office fridges.


Exhibit A: the operative report surgical-taped to a Penn State University call room refrigerator, which general surgery resident and American hero Dr. Cassie Sonntag shared on Twitter. The 18-cubic-foot communal Kenmore’s diagnosis? “Necrotizing lunchitis.”

The grave condition called for immediate intervention by surgeon “Whitt,” with assistance from circulating nurse “Liu.” The surgical team performed “debridement of the upper, middle, and lower compartments of the call room refrigerator with extension into the fridge door, disarticulation and washout of the lower chamber, explantation of necrotic lunches of varying ages.” Complications? “Multiple never-before-seen species of mold casually exterminated.” The patient’s postprocedure condition is “guarded.” The complete report is well worth your review. Even if the Sears appliance’s specimens were “refused by path.”

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