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VIDEO: Mechanical colonoscope enhancements improve adenoma detection



– Mechanical enhancements to existing colonoscopes may be better than optical enhancements for improving adenoma detection, according to findings from a meta-analysis of data from 240 studies.

“Even though colonoscopy is felt to be our best test compared to others … we also recognize that we do not see every square inch of the colon,” Seth Gross, MD, of New York University Langone Medical Center said in a video interview at the World Congress of Gastroenterology at ACG 2017.

There has been a “tremendous drive” to improve the ability to inspect blind spots in the colon, and also to better recognize subtle precancerous lesions in visible areas of the colon, but it has been unclear whether optical or mechanical enhancements will better achieve that goal, Dr. Gross said.

Based on the findings of his meta-analysis, it appears that mechanical enhancements, including integrated balloons and single-use caps with finger-like projections or discs that clip on to the colonoscope to engage the colon wall and flatten areas to allow access to areas behind folds, are most effective.

The preliminary data should lead to more clinical questions about what can be done to improve exams, he said.

In fact, one four-arm study looking at standard colonoscopy vs. colonoscopy with various mechanical enhancements was just completed, and others looking at “deep learning” and computer assistance are underway.

The latter technology is intriguing, as “not every polyp that we’re missing is behind a fold,” Dr. Gross noted.

Preliminary findings from a study out of China demonstrated the feasibility of such computer assistance, and the researchers are now working on a prospective study of real-time cases to see if that type of integrated learning with computer assistance can improve polyp detection.

“Sometimes it’s just these subtle mucosal changes that we have to train our eye to identify,” he said. “So imagine having another set of eyes … where there’s a computer sort of highlighting an area that we should focus on.”

Dr. Gross reported having no relevant financial disclosures.

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