From the Editor

Full disclosure

Dr. Matt Kalaycio thought he was free of financial conflicts because he doesn’t take pharma money. Then he checked Open Payments.


Produce and promises

Any barrier between the patient and the physician is bad, and two or three barriers makes things logarithmically worse.


Slowing down

This past Labor Day weekend, I did something radical. I slowed down. Way down.

Hard Questions

When is the right time to stop treatment?

Patients often face a trade-off of more suffering with a small chance at remission, versus accepting no chance of cure but feeling well for as...


The impact of tuition-free medical education

This bold initiative, they stated, was being instituted to simultaneously address the rising costs of medical education while still attracting the...


Creating positive patient experiences

Let’s start with an exercise, shall we? What was the last vacation you went on? How would you rate that vacation on a scale of 1-10?[[{"fid":"...

Hard Questions

Am I going to die?

In the debut column of Hard Questions, Dr. Ilana Yurkiewicz explores thorny issues of patient care as she pursues her hematology and oncology...


Tabata training

The specific move you do for Tabatas is up to you, but it’s recommended that it be the same move for all 4 minutes.


Right to Try: Mission accomplished?

Dr. Jeffrey A. Zonder of the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute explains why Right to Try falls short of expectations.