Open enrollment 2020: HealthCare.gov activity down from last year


The federal health insurance exchange is now through the first 2 weeks of its 2020 open enrollment on the HealthCare.gov platform, and just over 930,000 plans have been selected, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services reported.

Open enrollment 2020 vs. 2019: Weekly plan selections

The majority of those selections – almost 690,000 – were made by consumers renewing their existing coverage, with the rest coming from new consumers who did not have exchange coverage for 2019, the CMS said in its weekly enrollment snapshot on Nov. 13.

The total number of plans selected through week 2 is down almost 21% from last year, when selections totaled almost 1.18 million. This year, however, week 1 of open enrollment was only 2 days long (Nov. 1-2), versus 3 days (Nov. 1-3) last year, and last year there were 39 states using HealthCare.gov, compared with 38 this year since Nevada now has its own state-based exchange.

The total number of plans selected during a particular reporting period can change later if plans are modified or canceled, CMS noted, and “the weekly snapshot only reports new plan selections and active plan renewals and does not report the number of consumers who have paid premiums to effectuate their enrollment.”

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