David Henry's JCSO Podcast

David Henry's JCSO podcast, January-February 2017


For the January-February issue of the Journal of Community and Supportive Oncology, the Editor in Chief, Dr David Henry, highlights a thought-provoking article by JCSO Editor, Dr Thomas Strouse, on end-of-life options and legal pathways to physician-assisted dying. He also features a guide by Dr Adam Bagg on the diagnosis and classification of lymphomas, and an in-depth examination of blood-based biopsies by Jane de Lartigue. Three Original Reports hone in on patient care and support and quality of care: a report on the Florida CaPCaS study documents the experiences and needs of black men at the point of prostate cancer diagnosis; another, among Spanish-speaking Latinas with breast cancer, addresses the posttreatment survivorship care needs of that population; and a third looks at strategies to improve the quality of care among head and neck cancer patients. Among the Journal’s regular offerings, the Community Translations section features the approvals of atezolizumab as a therapy for bladder cancer (the first in more than 30 years) and lenvatinib for renal cell carcinoma, and there are two Case Report, one on a patient with breast cancer who experienced severe hyponatremia with seizures associated with single-, low-dose cyclophosphamide, and another about paraneoplastic leukemoid reaction as a poor prognostic marker in a patient with urothelial bladder carcinoma.

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